Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Loss

I went yesterday for my ob-gyn appt and u/s. Baby B died. Probably right after my last u/s. It was only measuring 11 weeks. Baby A looks good,moving, yawning and hiccuping. The u/s tech thinks she is a girl.
I'm trying to focus on the good in this. But I feel so sad and weepy. I stare at the pictures they gave me of her, but all I see in my mind is Baby B on the screen, so, so small.
I knew right away what had happened. When she turned the u/s on, you could see Baby A, big and moving, and a small baby shaped blob next to it. She didnt say anything, just did baby A's measurements, then said she needed the doctor to come in and look at something. When they came in, the u/s tech measured for cardiac motion. I will never forget that blank screen.

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Michele said...

I am so so sorry... hope you're doing ok. I've been checking back since you wrote this post. Praying for your family.