Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been a naughty, naughty blogger

Holy crap, it's been almost a month since I've posted. So, let me try to recap.
-I saw my OBGYN, after taking 5 days of BCP to stop the hot flashes. Of course, she promptly made me quit the pills, so she could see what my FSH is. She wants me to wait until the hot flashes come back to have my blood drawn, so that she can see what kind of dose I need for HRT. It's been 3 weeks and still no hot flashes. Plus, she started me on Lexapro, and I think that has really made a difference in my mood.

-My husband and are officially on the waiting list at the RE's office to be given donor embryos. We've been on the list for about 2 weeks. They told me the waiting list is typically 2-3 months long. Now we are just trying to come up with a creative way to finance the procedure ($5,000) without taking out another loan. Any suggestions out there in blogland?

-I went to Boston last week for a work trip and it was BEAUTIFUL. Had a good time, but very glad to be home with DH and DS.

-I've lost 25 pounds in the 9 weeks since my surgery. That's a whole lot of wait for not much time. And I'm not really eating any differently. I was really starting to get worried about it. But I have to get my TSH levels drawn every six months because I have hypothyroidism and take Synthroid. Well, I had medical records at the hospital pull up my labs I had drawn yesterday and my TSH is only .029
It should be between .3-5.5. So apparently, I've got a little HYPERthyroid going on. So, we'll see what the good old doc wants to do when he calls me back later this week (he was out of the office today).

So, that's the quick synopsis for right now. Oh, and my best friend had her baby two weeks ago. He initially had some respiratory problems and spent a week at Children's Hospital but is doing great now. And my sister-in-law found out she's having a girl, the first girl in the family (lucky b*tch) :)
I'll try to keep this updated a little better from now on!