Sunday, October 11, 2009

20 wks 5 days and a Happy Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday. Six years ago, when I turned 24, DH and I had been trying for baby 2 for four months and I was just sure that by the time I turned 25, we would have another child. Year after year has passed, but this year dear husband and I celebrated my birthday with fizzy lemonades rather than wine. Today I am 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. For my birthday, my husband bought me new pandora beads, including the little girl and a baby booty. I have had a hard time since the loss of my twin, but feel so excited for the life still within me. I feel her kick and move more and more everyday. We spend a lot of time praying that this pregnancy will continue and they she will grow bigger and stronger every day.
I had a level two u/s with Ohio State Maternal Fetal Medicine at 17 weeks and all look good. The other baby is still there and visible, but does not seem to being posing a threat to our daughter. She has all of her pieces and parts and nothing extra.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Loss

I went yesterday for my ob-gyn appt and u/s. Baby B died. Probably right after my last u/s. It was only measuring 11 weeks. Baby A looks good,moving, yawning and hiccuping. The u/s tech thinks she is a girl.
I'm trying to focus on the good in this. But I feel so sad and weepy. I stare at the pictures they gave me of her, but all I see in my mind is Baby B on the screen, so, so small.
I knew right away what had happened. When she turned the u/s on, you could see Baby A, big and moving, and a small baby shaped blob next to it. She didnt say anything, just did baby A's measurements, then said she needed the doctor to come in and look at something. When they came in, the u/s tech measured for cardiac motion. I will never forget that blank screen.

Friday, August 28, 2009

14 wks 2 days

and still pregnant! Every day seems like such a miracle. I think that I have felt a few flutters over the past week. I know it's very early still. I can't wait to start feeling hard kicks!

Here are a few belly pictures:

10 weeks 2 days

11 weeks 2 days

and one today at 14 weeks 2 days

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

12 weeks 6 days

Things are still going well here in waiting land. Life is busy, working full time, we went to Cleveland and saw Nickleback in concert and went the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend.
DH and I have been helping in junior church (4-6 year olds) each week at church. We average 25-30 children a week. It's a lot of fun but it wears me out, especially in my current condition. Today, the children's pastor called and left a message that said that the lead teacher of the class has decided she needs to step down so would we be interested in teaching. I just don't know if I should tke on that kind of committment right now. What if I end up on bedrest in the next couple of months? What should I do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

11 weeks 5 days

Had another OBGYN appointment today and look!

Aren't they the prettiest things you've ever seen!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long Time, no post

Well, a lot has happened in the past year. In February, we came back up on the list for donated embryos. Choosing embryos was complicated -- finding donors that we were happy with, then someone else had chosen them before us. So, then we had to choose again. But we found embryos we were happy with. On June 8th we transferred two high grade embryos. On June 13, 5dp5dt we a had a positive home pregnancy test. At 7dp5dt, our beta was 96. Two days later, it was 194. Our 5 week u/s showed two gestational and two yolk sacs! At 7 weeks, we saw two hearteats! I am currently 11 weeks 4 days pregant with fraternal twins.
The past couple of months have been such a whirl wind. We can't believe this is finally happening for us! God has blessed us in so many ways. Tommy will be starting junior high in a couple of weeks and now we have two more on the way.
I didn't show until 7 months with Tommy. I'm kind of disappointed because I am still not showing at all. I thought since this was the second pregnancy and that there were two (plus I'm heavier now)that you would be able to tell by now.